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IRB Member Toolkit

Expedited and Full Review Checklist
This document provides a checklist of issues that should be determined during conduct of an expedited or full board review. It includes a template for structuring a full board review discussion.

Expedited and Full Review Expanded Guidance
This document provides expanded guidance of issues to consider during an expedited or full board review to ensure the IRB criteria for approval are met and other pertinent issues are addressed in the research plan.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball: IRB Regulatory Criteria for Approval – AAHRPP Webinar Recording and Slides

Webinar recording: Enter your name and other requested information. The presentation starts at minute 7:15.

Post Approval Monitoring Quality Improvement Program Service Request (for ORSP Personnel Only)

You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:
PAMQuIP Service Request Form

Conflicts of Interest and the IRB

The IRB-COI Program Interface: Review and Consideration by the IRB