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Confidentiality (CDA), Material Transfer (MTA), and Data Use (DUA) Agreements

CDAs are contracts that govern the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information between parties. Often, a CDA is used to enable parties to evaluate the potential of a proposed collaboration in advance of an MTA or DUA.

MTAs and DUAs are contracts that establish the terms and conditions governing the use of material or data received from (or sent to) an outside entity. The outside entity may be another university, a government agency or other non-profit entity, or a for-profit company. These agreements address important issues such as liability, intellectual property, publication rights, and regulatory compliance, among others.

These agreements are negotiated by the Office of Research & Innovation’s Gray Team on behalf of the university. As with a grant award, a CDA, MTA, or DUA is executed between institutions, not individuals. Investigators do not have the authority to sign these agreements on behalf of VCU.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

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Data Use Agreements (DUAs)

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