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Conflicts of Interest in Research

A conflict of interest (COI) arises in situations in which financial or other personal considerations have the potential to compromise or bias professional judgment and objectivity. Conflicts of interest are not unusual in a modern academic setting but must be addressed in order to provide transparency and protect research integrity. The COI in Research Program administers activities related to reporting, assessing, and managing financial and non-financial interests for the university research enterprise.


The Activity and Interest Reporting System (AIRS) is an electronic Research Administration Management System (RAMS) for the reporting of interests pertaining to research. 'COI Investigators', designated by the PI as having responsibility and independence in the design, conduct, and reporting of research, report interests in their Financial Interest Report (FIR).

The AIRS opens for the annual FIR update on May 10th.

Resources, Policies, and Regulations

COI in Research Program


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  • COI in Research Program, Office of Research Integrity and Ethics
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  • » Adora Parker, CIP - Assistant Director
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  • » Monika Markowitz, PhD - Director, COIC Chair
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