TriNetX – Cohort Discovery and Feasibility Tool

Clinical research study and trial success are dependent upon enrollment of appropriate participants. Finding participants meeting ever more stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria is often a challenge for many studies. To address this challenge, VCU is partnering with TriNetX to proactively enhance study feasibility, study design and reach those participants whom may qualify for a particular study.

What TriNetX is:

TriNetX is a global, federated health research network enabling healthcare organizations (HCO), biopharma, contract research organizations (CRO), and HCO investigators to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate recruitment, and bring new therapies to patients faster. The network provides access to patient records in a completely de-identified, HIPAA-compliant manner.

The VCU/TriNetX partnership provides VCU research teams with:

  1. A robust feasibility and recruitment resource by exploring VCU institutional data with the goal of fully enrolling clinical research studies and bringing new therapies to our patients.
  2. Increased opportunities to participate in industry-sponsored clinical trials which are feasible and of scientific interest and merit.
  3. Expanded research opportunities with other health care organizations through collaborative networks.

How it works:

TriNetX allows VCU researchers to query the VCUHS EHR system (Cerner), IDX, OnCore, and Tumor Cancer Registry for a specific patient/potential participant population in a de-identified manner for study feasibility and to help with study design. Currently, data in VCU TriNetX is updated on a monthly basis and spans back to 2010 (data expansion in future).

screenshot of TriNetX

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