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The Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation is currently seeking pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and faculty speakers for our Because of You Seminar Series. This series is intended to demonstrate to VCU’s research administration staff how their work impacts research across the institution. We want to highlight new and exciting discoveries at VCU. Two calls for speakers will be conducted in August and December, with speaking proposals due by September 5 for Fall Semester and January 5 for Spring Semester.

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About the Series

The Office of Research and Innovation invites you to learn more about research happening here at VCU, that is made possible by the expertise and hard work of research administrators, faculty, staff, and trainees.

Research administrators, clinical research coordinators, and fiscal and department administrators are all responsible for ensuring certain aspects of research projects are completed properly and on time, whether before or after the award is made. In most cases, these groups never see the results of the projects they’ve worked on—research they have helped make happen—and aren’t able to fully appreciate the value of their contribution.

The “Because of You” interactive speaker series provides these cohorts with a view of those results. Our PIs present their work and spend some time responding to questions, providing an opportunity for the behind-the-scenes research team to see and understand the important work being done at VCU.

Past Session Topics


“RAS: To Boldly Go Where None Have Gone Before”
Paul Dent, PhD, Massey Cancer Center

“Toward a Clean Energy World”
Puru Jena, PhD, Department of Physics

“A Novel Approach to Reducing Intestinal Fibrosis in Patients with Crohn’s Disease”
Chao Li, MD, MS, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

“Developing a Targeted HIV Testing Message for Young African-American Women”
Melanie Paige Moore, MS, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Psychology

“RiVE-CLL: A Path Toward CURES in Lymphoid Malignancies”
Victor Yazbeck, MD, MS, Massey Cancer Center


“Restoring the Sense of Smell”
Richard Costanzo, PhD, Department of Physiology and Biophysics

“New Tricks for Old Dogs: Repurposing Statins and Anti-Depressant Drugs to Treat Inflammation”
John Ryan, PhD, Department of Biology

“Intravenous Vitamin C: Its Evolving Role in Human Sepsis and Lung Injury”
Alpha (Berry) Fowler, MD, Victoria Johnson Center for Critical Care and Pulmonary Research

“Because of You: We’ve Launched the Largest University-Wide Project on Substance Use and Mental Health”
Danielle Dick, PhD, Department of Psychology

“First in Human, Episode 1—Admission”
Discovery Channel Series

“Waterpipe (Hookah) Tobacco Smoking: What is the evidence that it supports nicotine/tobacco dependence (and why should you care?)”
Thomas Eissenberg, PhD, Department of Psychology

"Medicine Made Just for You: Miniaturizing and Reducing Costs Along the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain"
Thomas Roper, PhD, Department of Chemical & Life Science Engineering