Agreements with Foreign Institutions or Persons

VCU has expanded its international collaborations more than ever. This is an exciting time for the University and is an endeavor for which the Export Compliance Office is seeking to provide full support. While there are many benefits to international collaborations the agreements that outline those collaborations must comply with U.S. Government regulations.

The U.S. Government has created a list of individuals and entities that have been designated as conducting activities that are contrary to U.S. national security and foreign policy. The Export Compliance Office provides support in determining if any potential business partners or collaborators are on that list and will identify the specific restrictions associated with those entities.

The University is also prohibited from supporting unsanctioned boycotts of other countries. All international agreements should be reviewed for compliance with the U.S. Anti-boycott regulations.

To aid University personnel in identifying and conducting these reviews the Export Compliance Office has created an “International Agreements Pre-screening Form” to be completed by the individuals negotiating these agreements. This form asks for biographical information on the parties to the agreement and some information on the type of relationship being formed under the agreement. This information will greatly aid in a quick and accurate determination by the Export Compliance Office.

Additional Information:

International Agreements Pre-screening Form
This form will provide the Export Compliance Office with the information we need to efficiently screen international agreements for export compliance issues

U.S. Anti-boycott Regulations
The University cannot agree to participate in foreign country boycotts not sanctioned by the United States Government. This document provides guidance on potential prohibited provisions in international agreements