International Travel

The Export Compliance Office (ECO) tracks and provides advice for international travels several different ways:

  • High Risk Travel: For international travel to certain countries deemed “high risk” by the U.S. Government, the ECO has established an approval stop in Chrome River for any pre-approvals entered for travel to those countries. ECO will reach out to the individual traveling and ask for:

    • The entities/institutions they will be working with while abroad
    • Some background information on the reason for the travel

    ECO does this in order to conduct background screenings on entities VCU plans to work with and to provide the traveler with export compliance guidance that fits their specific needs.

  • Other International Travel: ECO tracks all other international travel through Christopherson Business Travel and highly recommends that individuals use Christopherson for all travel including travel that is not reimbursed by the University.

ECO, in conjunction with VCU Technology Services, is currently piloting a “travel laptop program.” To request a travel laptop please contact ECO. During the piloting stage priority will be given to travelers going to higher risk countries.

If you plan to travel to Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, or Sudan, contact ECO in advance of your travel.

If you plan to travel to any destination with research data or technology other than a standard VCU laptop, contact ECO in advance of your travel.

Additional information and Forms:

International Travel Pre-screening form
This form should be completed and emailed to the Export Compliance Office at export This form will greatly increase the speed and efficiency with which international travel approvals are processed through Chromeriver.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
This guidance details some of the requirements of the FCPA. The FCPA applies for any international travel.

TMP Exception Form
This form is not required but should be used if the traveler is exporting a piece of VCU technology under the “Tools of the Trade” exception.

Travel Training:

The export compliance office offers one-on-one travel training. Please email Export Compliance Manager at to schedule.