E-CT.gov Account Create Request Form

The Clinical Trials.gov Program Administrator is responsible for creating accounts for investigators to access the clinicaltrials.gov protocol registration system to register investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted at VCU in accordance with VCU policy. By completing this form, the principal investigator (PI) or their designee can initiate this process. The PI remains ultimately responsible for ensuring that their clinical trials is registered on clinicaltrials.gov in compliance with VCU policy.

Section 1: Verification of Record Owner and Access to Record

Please verify the person who should be considered as the record owner and any persons who need access to the record for data entry purposes:

(e.g, PI, study coordinator, etc.)

Section 2: General Clinical Trial Information:

By clicking “Submit”, this email will be sent to CCTRCTGOV@vcu.edu, which is the Clinical Trials.gov (CT.gov) Program Administrator’s email. You will be contacted by CT.gov Program Administrator if there are any questions.