Office of Research and Innovation Forms A-Z

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Accelerated CDA Template

Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA) Template

Administrator Monthly Purchasing Card Reconciliation Checklist for Sponsored Projects

Administrator New Award Set-Up Checklist

All Occasion Letter to PTE when VCU is Subrecipient

All Occasion Letter to Subrecipient when VCU is PTE

(VCU Health System) Ancillary Services Request Form and Process

Appeal Form

Authorized Users Signature Log I

Authorized Users Signature Log II-V

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Banner Account Request Form

Biomedical Consent Template

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Certificate of Confidentiality Assurance Letter Template

WIRB Change in Research Submission Form - click on menu item, "Forms Related to Ongoing Research"

Checklist - Applying for Virginia Board of Pharmacy and DEA Registrations

Checklist for Sponsored Project Monthly Reconciliation & Analysis

Child Assent Template

Clinical Research Coverage Analysis Forms Account Create Form

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement Request

Consent Short Forms for Non-English Speaking Subjects
Note: To be used in conjunction with the full English language consent form

Consent Template for Humanitarian Use Device (HUD)
Note: To be used in conjunction with HUD patient labeling

Controlled Substance Dispensing Record

Controlled Substance Disposal Log

VCU Controlled Substances Inspection Form

Controlled Substances Inventory Record

Controlled Substance Transfer Invoice

Controlled Substance Usage Log

Cost Sharing Authorization Form

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Data Use Agreement Request Form

Disposition of Research Data Form

VCU-DNA Consent Addendum

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Exempt Study Information Sheet Template

External IRB Clinical Trial-VCU Consent Template (rev. 3/17/16)

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F&A Exemption Request Form (click appropriate icon for respective format)

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Generic Proposal Face Page

Grant Transfer Between Institutions Form

Guidance for preparing forms and consents

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HIPAA Data Use Agreement for Limited Data Sets

HIPAA Full Waiver of Authorization - click on menu item, "Supplemental initial review forms"

HIPAA Partial Waiver of Authorization - click on menu item, "Supplemental initial review forms"

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VCU IDC Uniform Guidance Letter to Sponsor

VCU IDC Uniform Guidance Letter to Subrecipient

Industry Clinical Trial Internal Budget Template

WIRB Initial Review Submission Form

Intellectual Property Definitions

Invention Disclosure Form

Investigator Submission Form for Multi-Center Trials – should be used by investigators participating in multi-center protocols for which the protocol has already been reviewed by WIRB

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New Sponsor Form

NIH eRA Commons Account Request Form

NSF Fastlane Account Request Form

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Personnel Screening Form – Authorized User

Principal Investigator (PI) Eligibility Exception Form

Principal Investigator Eligibility Form

Proposal Budget Worksheet-Detailed, 1-5 Year Project

Proposal Budget Worksheet-Loaded, 1-5 Year Project

Proposal Budget Worksheet-Modular, 1-5 Year Project

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RAMS-SPOT SF424 Detailed Subaward RR_Budget

Relying Site Closure Request Form

Relying Site Continuing Review Form

Research on PHI of Decedents Certification Form

Research Repository Consent Template

Review Preparatory to Research Form

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Site Specific Application for Relying on VCU’s IRB

VIRGINIA Site Specific Application for Relying on VCU’s IRB

Sponsored Project/Research Volunteer Documentation Form

Social-Behavioral Consent Template

Stand-alone HIPAA Authorization template (6-1-11)

Study Closure Form (rev 2-15-09)

WIRB Study Closure - click on menu item, "Forms Related to Ongoing Research"

Subrecipient Interest Disclosure Form

Subrecipient Project-Specific Consortium Letter (when VCU is PTE)

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Unanticipated Problem Reporting Forms - click on menu item, "Forms Related to Ongoing Research"

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VCU Employee and Facility Use Guidelines for Clinical Research

VCU Entity Form for non-FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Subrecipients

VCU Health System Employee Approval Form (To Participate in Sponsored Project Activities)

Verbal HIPAA Authorization Script template (rev. 1/21/19)

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WIRB Checklist

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