E-Closeout Form-Clinical Trial

Non-financial close out of each sponsored project is the responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) with direct input from the Principal Investigator. By completing this form, a PI can initiate the close out process with OSP.

Standard Closeout Questions:

Section I: Final Data Reported

In accordance with signed agreement, PI affirms understanding of and confirms agreement to abide by all Code of Federal Regulations requirements in connection with data retention.

Section 2: Final Inventions Reported

Section 3: Final Payment Received

Confirm that all payments have been received for the work performed

Confirm that final site visit has occurred

Month-day-year (xx-xx-xxxx all numbers format)

Section 4: Human Subjects Closeout

Please confirm the study has been closed with the governing IRB (VCU IRB or WIRB)

Section 5: Subaward Closeout

Section 6: Confidential Information

Section 7: ClinicalTrials.gov Registry

Section 8: ClinicalTrials.gov Registry Update (Sponsor-Initiated)

Section 9: ClinicalTrials.gov Registry Update (Investigator-Initiated)

Please, provide NCT tracking number (from ClinicalTrials.gov database) or check appropriate box:

PI confirms that the ClinicalTrials.gov database has been updated to reflect a terminating status for the study (withdrawn, terminated, or completed.)

Month-day-year (xx-xx-xxxx all numbers format)

By clicking "Submit", this email will be sent to ospaward@vcu.edu, which is the Office of Sponsored Programs Post Award Team email. You will be contacted by Post Award staff if we have any further questions.