Continuing Review of IRB Approved Expedited or Full Board Research

Expedited and full board research must be re-reviewed by the IRB at least annually through a continuing review process. Exempt research does not require continuing review. Well in advance of an expiration date, reminders are sent to investigators prompting preparation and submission of a continuing review submission.

Submitting a Continuing Review in RAMS-IRB

  • Login to RAMS-IRB and open the workspace for the study needing continuing review
  • Click the “New Continuing Review” button
  • Complete a continuing review form and upload relevant documentation such as DSMB reports.

Please see the RAMS-IRB Submission System Guide for details on submitting a Continuing Review.

Maintaining Approval for Western IRB Approved Research

Once an initial submission is approved by WIRB, the Principal Investigator is responsible for directly submitting all future submissions to WIRB including:

  • Changes in research (amendments)
  • Unanticipated problems
  • Continuing reviews
  • Study closure.

A copy of ALL submissions must be provided to ORSP via, as well as to WIRB. WIRB will send continuing review reminder notices to principal investigators. Please pay close attention to the reminders. WIRB strictly enforces deadlines.

Be aware that WIRB updates its submission forms as much as twice yearly to improve the review of research and protection of human subjects. When preparing to submit research for review, be sure to use the most current versions of WIRB submission forms by referring directly to the WIRB forms site.