VCU IRB Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates

Submission Deadlines

  • Full Board Initial Reviews

    We cannot guarantee review by a particular panel for new submissions, regardless of submission date. Assignment of new submissions to the IRB panel is dependent upon the nature of the research, the number of studies already assigned to that panel for review, etc. The IRB does not meet during the 5th week of a month
  • Expedited and Exempt Reviews

    Expedited and Exempt research is reviewed on an ongoing basis. There are no deadlines for Initial Reviews. Refer to Continuing Review Notice for required deadlines for Continuing Review submissions for Expedited studies.

Full Board Meeting Calendar

*Subject to Change

Note: Submissions that are incomplete or which have outstanding issues noted at IRB intake may result in a delay in the review process.

Western IRB

Western IRB (WIRB) reviews all industry sponsored research. Please contact WIRB for information regarding deadlines and meeting dates.