Section III:

VCU IRB Relationships

WPP #: III-3

Title 3:

Meeting Guests

Effective Date:


Revision History:

06-07-04; 04-28-06; 06-21-06

Policy Statement

The VCU IRB allows individuals who are not IRB members, IRB staff, IRB consultants or members of a VCU research team to attend IRB meetings as guests under certain circumstances. The VCU IRB Chairperson approves or disapproves guest attendance.

Description and Procedures

Persons may be permitted to observe VCU IRB Panel meetings as guests under the following conditions:

  1. Any non-members (including consultants), who are also not part of the VCU Office of the Vice President for Research, in attendance at a VCU IRB Panel meeting are considered guests
  2. Guests must be informed of the IRB Conflict of Interest Policy prior to attending the meeting (by the Chairperson or must sign a statement documenting their review of the policy and identifying any potential conflict of interest).
  3. The Chairperson has the authority and responsibility to determine whether a guest has a conflicting interest.
  4. Guest attendance is at the discretion of the chairperson.
  5. Guests may be asked to leave at any time.
  6. Guests must not be in attendance during the review of research in which they serve as PI or coinvestigator.
  7. Guests may be asked to sign a confidentiality certificate.
  8. Guests must sign in and may be asked to document the purpose of their visit.
  9. Guests must have a professional affiliation with the university or be serving as a consultant to the IRB.


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