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VCU IRB Relationships

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Outreach Activities

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Policy Statement

VCU conducts outreach activities and provides information designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of human research by participants, prospective participations, or their communities. These efforts are evaluated on a periodic basis for effectiveness and improvement.

Procedures and Guidance

  1. Outreach Activities

    Outreach activities are conducted through numerous venues and organizations across VCU. Examples of outreach activities or information designed to enhance understanding of research at VCU include:

    • Office of Research website provides basic information about being a research participant.
    • Massey Cancer Center website provides information about clinical trial participation.
    • Center for Clinical and Translational Research website provides basic information about being a research participant.
    • Community Advocates for Research is a network of individuals from the surrounding community who serve as catalysts as well as conduits of information and experiences between the Community Engagement Core and the community in order to inform, educate, motivate, and engage the community in ethical research projects that will be used to best meet the needs and interests of the community.
    • Community Review Board is composed of community members who serve as expert reviewers and provide feedback on various aspects of a proposed or ongoing research project.
    • Engaging Richmond project is a partnership between community members and researchers from VCU that uses mixed-methods research to explore the social and environmental factors that influence health and identify community priorities.
    • Project CRESST: Enhancing Clinical Research Education for Science Students and Teachers is designed to enhance understanding of the clinical trials process in the local community through a partnership among clinical and translational scientists; VCU faculty; and middle and high school science teachers, students, and parents. The project features inquiry-based curricular tools for teachers to introduce students to the clinical research process.
    • Massey Cancer Center Breast Health Research Champion training program is designed to identify community liaisons to become knowledgeable about breast cancer and the role research plays in clinical care.
  2. Evaluation of Outreach Activities

    The Institution periodically evaluates outreach activities designed to educate about research and research participation. Generally, broad reaching evaluation occurs through the Community Engagement Council as well as through the Center for Clinical and Translational Research. Evaluation may also be done on a project specific basis by other units throughout VCU. Metrics for evaluating outreach activities include:

    • Maintenance of the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification
    • Projects initiated with a focus on community identified needs
    • Growth in research projects involving a community partner and the level of involvement
    • The geographical reach of the institution’s research partnerships and activities


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