Section V:

Education and Training

WPP #: V-2

Title 2:

IRB Members and Staff

Effective Date:


Revision History:

06-20-00; 11-12-01; 06-07-04; 04-30-06; 06-21-06; 04-22-14

Policy Statement

All prospective IRB members must complete a series of educational activities prior to being appointed to the IRB. IRB staff must be sufficiently trained and able to demonstrate job proficiency before working independently. IRB members and staff are expected to maintain current human subjects training by fulfilling continuing education requirements.

Procedures and Guidance

  1. IRB Member Education

    Prospective IRB members must complete the following activities prior to being appointed to an IRB panel:

    1. VCU IRB Orientation face-to-face workshop
    2. CITI Basic Human Subjects module in either Biomedical or Social Behavioral Research
    3. Ethical Research Oversight Course sponsored by PRIM&R
    4. Attend an IRB meeting as a guest

    Once appointed, new IRB members are mentored by experienced members as they learn the protocol review process. Members are expected to maintain current CITI training by completing the CITI Refresher course every two years. Additionally, members are provided with various continuing education opportunities including receiving the Human Subjects Report monthly, in-service presentations and discussions, and email newsletter series provided by ORSP.

  2. IRB Staff

    IRB staff are required to complete the CITI Basic Human Subjects training in both biomedical and social behavioral research and maintain current training by completing the Refresher modules every two years. Failure to maintain current CITI training may lead to an unsatisfactory performance evaluation. Other job specific education and training occurs on the job via coaching and mentoring with more experienced colleagues. Ongoing education is available through ORSP sponsored workshops, IRB panel in-service education, team meeting discussions, and human subjects monthly/quarterly newsletters. IRB staff are periodically provided with the opportunity to attend a national human subjects conference. All staff are strongly encouraged to earn the Certified IRB Professional credential.

  3. Monitoring Ongoing Training Requirements

    All IRB members and staff are expected to maintain current CITI training by completing the CITI Refresher course in Human Subjects Protection every two years. Currency of training is verified by ORSP administration annually and reminders are sent to those with expired training. IRB membership will be terminated for those whose CITI training is not renewed within a reasonable amount of time.