RAMS-IRB Liaisons

Departments and divisions also have the opportunity to identify an individual who will serve as a liaison to the IRB and RAMS-IRB. Liaisons will receive focused, one-on-one training on the RAMS-IRB system. Liaisons will be identified as the first line of contact for members of a department or division to help respond to user questions related to use of RAMS-IRB. Liaisons do not need to be information technology individuals, but they do need to have strong computer skills. To sign up as a liaison, email Meghan Wright at wrightmk2@vcu.edu).

Angela Hernandez
School of Medicine - Dean's Office

Benjamin Van Tassell
Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Sci

Candice Weber
School of Medicine - Dean's Office

Charlotte Gilman

Debra Spillman

Elizabeth Demro
Internal Medicine

Gioia Casso
Center for Biomarker Research and Personalized Medicine

Jill Opalesky

Jose Alcaine
School of Education

Laura Cei
Department of Cardiology

Leanne Marshall
Social Work

Meagan Sok
Radiology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology

Melanie White
Internal Medicine

Melissa L. Sears
Department of Cardiology

Oonagh Loughran

Regina Coles

Tarynn Witten
Center for the Study of Biological Complexities