Research Ethics Consultation

What is a research ethics consultation?

A confidential conversation related to any number of topics or issues involving research ethics. Examples include aspects of protocol design, protocol problems, questions about regulatory oversight, addressing participant complaints, concerns about research integrity in the conduct of the research, authorship and publication issues, and concerns about conflicts of interest.

A research ethics consultation may resolve the issue of concern or require further referral.

Who can request a consultation?

Members of the VCU community, including investigators, research personnel, students, IRB and IACUC members and staff, as well as past and present research participants.

How is a consultation requested?

Contact the Office of Research Integrity and Ethics (ORIE) at

Alternatively, contact Dr. Monika Markowitz, Director, ORIE –, 827-2157

For concerns about research misconduct – specifically, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism – see the ORIE webpage on Research Misconduct.