Our services cover the full range of the grant life cycle, including identifying sponsors, building collaborative teams, supporting proposal development, providing training, and working with funding agencies.

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Project development support:

  • Assist with project design.
  • Liaise with funding agencies.
  • Provide grant writing training throughout the year.

Finding funding:

  • Identify current and relevant funding opportunities.
  • Disseminate funding opportunities.
  • Match funding opportunities with investigators.

Team-building assistance:

Proposal development support:

  • Assist in interpreting funders’ guidelines.
  • Assist with proposal planning and process management.
  • Provide proposal development resources, including the Funded Proposal Library.
  • Assist with conceptualizing and building competitive budgets.
  • Provide data on the university research enterprise and funding portfolio.
  • Draft language and letters of support.
  • Edit proposal drafts.
  • Assist with proposal submission.

Tips for Working with Our Team

  • Contact our office early. We can assist even before you decide to pursue extramural funding to get you prepared for the process.
  • Review the resources on our website first.
  • Communicate with the grants development staff within your unit to understand local processes.
  • Make a list of gaps in your knowledge about grantsmanship in general and/or at Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Send us a lay-language description of your project idea.
  • If you are looking for funding, tell us about the types of sponsors you have considered in the past (if any).
  • If you want to re-submit a proposal, please share the reviewers’ comments with us.
  • Let us know who your partners and collaborators are/might be.
  • Make us aware of any changes in the status of your project or proposal development.