Rice Rivers Center Undergraduate Research Summer Scholarships

The application deadline for RRC Scholarships is April 12th.

The Rice Rivers Center (VCU Life Sciences) will fund a limited number of undergraduate student research awards for projects mentored by VCU faculty. Successful student applicants will receive a cash stipend of $1400 to defray expenses associated with the research project. The Center’s mission is to support relevant research, innovative instruction, and community engagement in areas including conservation biology, ecological restoration, water resources, and applications of environmental technology. The RRC Summer scholars program complements that mission by supporting student research in these broad disciplines. Research located at the Center and environs (Charles City County; James River) is encouraged but not required. For more information on the Center, please visit www.ricerivers.vcu.edu.

Eligibility - Full time VCU undergraduates with at least 1 full academic year left to complete before graduation.

Application Requirements

  1. The student and faculty mentor will collaborate on a written proposal (maximum of five pages, double-spaced), detailing:
    • The significance of the proposed work, based on a brief review of the published literature ◦A detailed research question, objective(s), and hypotheses (if appropriate).
    • A detailed description of the methods and approach that will be used to accomplish your research objectives ◦Expected outcomes from the completed project, including how the work will contribute to the knowledge and skills of the student.
    • A detailed work plan and schedule with specific tasks that translate to a significant amount of time (roughly 20 hours per week for the Summer) dedicated to your project.
    • A statement wherein the student pledges to submit a mid-term project report by July 15 and to participate in the VCU Undergraduate Symposium and the Rice Rivers Center Research Symposium the following Spring.
  2. A one-page personal statement addressing the student’s experience and qualifications to accomplish the proposed work
  3. A letter of support from a faculty mentor addressing the following questions:
    • How long and in what capacity has the mentor known the student applicant? Have you mentored this student before?
    • What experience, knowledge, skills, or capacities does the mentor believe the applicant possesses that qualify the student to conduct the proposed work?
    • A brief statement describing the mentor’s support for, and involvement in, the workplan.

Applicants must upload their materials (marked as RICE CENTER) to http://go.vcu.edu/vcuresearchfellowships by the deadline of April 12th for review.

Faculty Mentors should email their letter of support to urop@vcu.edu with the title “RICE CENTER Scholarship Letter/(name of student)” by the deadline of April 12th for review. Awards will be announced by April 30.