Core Laboratory Resource Sharing Agreement between VCU and UVa

As two of the most significant research-focused institutions within the Commonwealth of Virginia, both VCU and UVa have an obligation to make their unique resources as broadly accessible to Virginia-based researchers as possible. In light of that objective, VCU and UVa have successfully concluded a resource sharing agreement intended to reduce barriers to shared resource utilization. This agreement, effective from March 2015, is intended to strengthen research within each institution, as well as to foster inter-institutional collaborations and cooperation. It will do so by increasing the accessibility for investigators affiliated with one institution to major resources at the partner institution. The main means by which this will be accomplished is by reciprocal offer of internal VCU/UVa rates at certain of our fee-for-service core labs. A full-text of this Memorandum of Understanding may be found here, but the following is a summary of the most salient points:

The affected cores are as follows:

Virginia Commonwealth University

University of Virginia

Access guidelines:

  1. Fees charged to an Institution by the Partnership shall equal the fees charged to the Investigators at their own Institution.
  2. Please note that the resource sharing is not without limitation. Investigators requesting a Shared Resource available at both Institutions must send requests first to their own Institution’s facility. Unless a specific need (such as a backlog of demand for the applicable Shared Resource, or a specific service not provided by the investigator’s own institution) exists, investigators must utilize their own Institution’s services.
  3. Investigators who want to use a Shared Resource at the partner Institution must first speak with the appropriate Shared Resource Director at the partner Institution to confirm availability of access and learn of any specific policies governing access. Once this is done, the point of contact at both institutions should be notified that samples and/or data will be sent and to arrange for billing information to be provided.
  4. Each Institution shall give priority for use of Shared Resources to Investigators at their home Institution, and cross institutional use is on an ‘as available’ basis.

** In special recognition of the frequently irreplaceable nature of samples housed within a shared resource primarily concerned with acquisition and distribution of clinical tissue samples (i.e., a biorepository), access to samples from the VCU Tissue and Data Acquisition and Analysis Core and the UVA Biorepository and Tissue Research Facility will require a determination by the respective scientific director that granting access will not disruptively impact the potential future needs of investigators at the home Institution.

Contact Information

Here are the individuals identified as the institutional points of contact that will coordinate billing and record keeping. At VCU, Bryan Rowland will be the person that will assist with using the CORES system to bill UVa researchers.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Bryan Rowland
VCU Manager of Research Infrastructure
Telephone: (804) 828-9862

University of Virginia

Paul Shin
Office for Research Core Administration
UVa School of Medicine
Telephone: (434) 924-0050