Bioimaging and Applied Research Core

The Bioimaging and Applied Research Core (BARC) provides state-of-the-art imaging technologies to foster multi-modality approaches to study anatomy, biology, biochemistry and pharmacology in vivo.

Our team


The Bioimaging and Applied Research Core, directed by Frank Corwin, Ph.D.offers comprehensive instrumentation and technical support for all aspects of in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical non-human anatomical and molecular imaging. Studies may be conducted on samples prepared to exhibit characteristic features for a particular imaging modality. Within the intact environment, physiological and pathophysiological activity may be observed through imaging or numerous biological pathways and interactions involved in injury and disease progression, such as traumatic brain injury, cardiac disease, tumorigenesis and therapeutic interventions.

BARC offers a wide variety of services via a traditional fee-for-service model and collaborative solutions that involve do-it-yourself imaging and data analysis and lab-expertise for hire. These models give investigators the opportunity for training and hands-on time on selected instrumentation and permit investigators to purchase tech-time from experienced staff to contribute to protocol development and optimization of new approaches. Staff can assist in experimental planning and project design.

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BARC offers a new business model based on a broad range of off-the-shelf, state-of-the-art services as well as the ability to develop and tailor protocols for specific research projects. To initiate a service request or to schedule a discussion about an ongoing or upcoming project please contact us.

Acknowledge the Bioimaging and Applied Core

Published work using data generated at BARC should include the following in the acknowledgment:

The data included in this study was generated at the Bioimaging and Applied Research Core facility at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Suggested grant language

Include the following text in the Facilities and Resources section of grant applications when proposing to conduct work that utilizes the BARC facility: