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(Research Administration Management System – Sponsored Programs Online Tracking)

The Division of Sponsored Programs utilizes RAMS-SPOT, a database and electronic submission and review system. RAMS-SPOT allows for paperless routing of all major project transactions, paperless record storage, in-system budgeting, in-system communications and reduces the need for forms. RAMS-SPOT allows investigators and administrators to readily monitor project review status. RAMS-SPOT has been implemented in phases, beginning in the spring of 2015.

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Access Management

RAMS-SPOT get started guides

RAMS-SPOT training tutorials

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Entering a funding proposal and budget (start to finish)

Non Federal Funding Proposal
Non Federal Funding Proposal – Budget

Entering a budget (by specific topic)

Cost Sharing

Clinical trials

Clinical Trials – Investigator Initiated
Clinical Trial Concurrent Contracting Process for Industry
Subject Injury Language Review Process for Industry

Routing and notifications

Funding Proposal Workflow - Routing and Notifications – Part 1
Funding Proposal Workflow - Routing and Notifications – Part 2
Funding Proposal Workflow - Routing and Notifications – Part 3
Funding Proposal Workflow - Routing and Notifications – Part 4
Funding Proposal Workflow - Routing and Notifications – Part 5

Creating an SF424 package

SF424 Introduction
Creating an SF424 Package

Importing a subaward

Import Subaward Introduction
Importing a Subaward

Entering an NIH Fellowship Submission

An overview of the NIH Fellowship Submission process in three parts: Funding Proposal, Budget, and SF424. Additional tips and instructions are provided in the NIH Fellowship Submission One Page Guide.

NIH Fellowship Submission - Part 1: Funding Proposal
NIH Fellowship Submission - Part 2: Primary Budget
NIH Fellowship Submission - Part 3: SF424
NIH Fellowship Submission - Part 4: NIH System Tips for Fellowships
NIH Fellowship Submission One Page Guide

Finding migrated records

Navigation: Finding Migrated VCUeRA InfoEd Records

Compliance data project

Compliance Data Project

Award data project

Award Project

Administrative actions and continuation proposals

Administrative Actions and Continuation Proposals
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