Activities requiring IRB review

The VCU IRB provides ethical oversight to all activities that meet the regulatory definitions of "research involving a human subject," meaning that any activity meeting the definition of research, as well as the definition of human subject, requires IRB review.

If an activity does not meet the regulatory definition of “research,” no IRB review is required. Similarly, if an activity is research, but it does not involve human subjects (as defined below), the research does not require IRB review. Failure to meet either definition means that the activity is not human subjects research.

If you need documentation from the IRB that your activity is not research or does not involve human subjects, use RAMS-IRB to submit a request for a determination. Learn how on our blog.

RESEARCH (Systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge) + HUMAN SUBJECT (Research about a living individual either through interaction or intervention OR  use of identifiable private information) = IRB Review

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