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Research Development Advisory Council (ReDAC) 

The Research Development Advisory Council (ReDAC) was inaugurated in 2006. Its members are associate/assistant deans for research or individuals who hold comparable responsibilities for research development within their respective academic college or school. Council members represent the research interests of each of the academic schools and colleges at VCU, make policy recommendations to the vice president for research and innovation and serve as a conduit of information from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation back to their constituencies. The council meets monthly with the vice president for research and innovation and the associate vice president for research development to address topics of specific interest to the VCU research enterprise, to discuss policy issues, and to identify resources and supports necessary for increasing the strength and competitiveness of VCU as a research university. Affiliate non-voting members are appointed to ReDAC on a case-by-case basis by the vice president for research and innovation in consultation with the academic vice presidents.


Ram Gupta, Ph.D., chair
Associate dean for faculty research development, College of Engineering
Email: rbgupta@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-1211

Aron Lichtman, Ph.D., vice chair
Associate dean for research and graduate education, School of Pharmacy
Email: alichtma@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-8480

Gary Cuddeback, Ph.D.
Associate dean for research, School of Social Work
Email: cuddebackg@vcu.edu

Douglas Davis, Ph.D.
Director of research, School of Business
Email: dddavis@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-7140

Diane Derr, Ph.D.
Associate dean for research and development, School of the Arts in Qatar
Email: derrdc@vcu.edu | Phone: 4402-0737

Michael Donnenberg, M.D.
Senior associate dean for research and research training, School of Medicine
Email: michael.donnenberg@vcuhealth.org | Phone: (804) 828-0673

Christiana Lafazani, Ph.D.
Associate dean for faculty affairs, School of the Arts
Email: clafazani@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-1713

Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee, Ph.D.
Senior associate dean for research and strategic initiatives, College of Health Professions
Email: leesd@vcu.edu 

D’Arcy Mays, Ph.D.
Associate dean for research and operations, College of Humanities and Sciences
Email: dpmays@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-4623

Iain Morgan, Ph.D.
Associate dean for research, School of Dentistry
Email: immorgan@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-0149

Robyn Diehl McDougle, Ph.D.
Associate dean of research and outreach, L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
Email: rdmcdougle@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-2759

Kathleen Rudasill, Ph.D.
Senior associate dean for research and faculty development, School of Education
Email: kmrudasill@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 827-9337

John Ryan, Ph.D.
Associate vice president for research development
Email: jjryan@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 827-2267

Amy Salisbury, Ph.D., RN
Associate dean for research, scholarship and innovation, School of Nursing
Email: salisburya@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-2095

Robert Tombes, Ph.D.
Vice provost for life sciences and research
Email: rtombes@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 827-1865


Daniel Bullard, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School
Email: bullarddc@vcu.edu

Jimmy Ghaphery
Associate university librarian for scholarly communications and publishing, VCU Libraries
Email: jghapher@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 827-3551

John Leonard II, Ph.D.
Executive associate dean and professor, College of Engineering
Email: jdleonard@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 828-9228

Sandy Turnage, Ed.D.
Director of development, Division of Development and Alumni Relations
Email: scturnage@vcu.edu | Phone: (804) 827-2007

Said Sebti, Ph.D.
Associate director for basic research, Massey Cancer Center
Email: said.sebti@vcuhealth.org | Phone: (804) 828-6995

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