Postdoctoral Services

Postdoctoral scholars are an essential component of the research program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Postdoctoral Services was established in the summer of 2007 in recognition of the important role postdoctoral scholars fulfill within the university.

The goal of Postdoctoral Services is to support postdoctoral training at VCU by:

  • Serving as a liaison between postdoctoral scholars, faculty, administrators and staff on campus
  • Providing resources and information to facilitate the recruitment, employment, mentoring and career development of postdoctoral scholars
  • Assuring that faculty and postdoctoral scholars are aware of university policies, procedures and benefits for postdoctoral scholars

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How to apply
Eligibility and application process

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Getting started at VCU
Housing options, childcare and community resources

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Postdoctoral benefits
Health insurance, retirement, tuition, paid leave, work/life

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Diversity, equity and inclusion
Learn more about our commitment

Small lecture session

Professional development
Career development and mentoring resources

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For faculty
Postdoctoral letter templates and salary guidelines

VCU Postdoctoral Association

The VCU Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is an organization dedicated to improving the postdoctoral experience at VCU through workshops, seminars, advocacy, and community building. The PDA is run by an executive board consisting of officers who are voted into office annually, with terms beginning July 1st. The PDA executive board is primarily responsible for coordinating workshops and seminars relevant to the postdoctoral experience at VCU. They also plan informal meet-ups for postdocs at VCU to get to know others in the community here.

2023-2024 postdoctoral executive board:

  • President - Eda Koseli
  • Vice president - Mohammad Siddiqi
  • Secretary - Ali Gawi Ermi
  • Treasurer - Shujauddin Mohammed
  • Social chair - Anna Kovilakath

VCU PDA on Twitter

PDA listserv and Slack workspace

Stay up to date with PDA via the listserv. The PDA slack channel is where VCU postdocs can share resources and connect with other postdocs at VCU. Information about informal meet-ups and about upcoming PDA events are regularly posted.  Please email to be added to the listserv and slack. 

Foreign visitors loan program

The university has a short-term loan program to assist foreign visitors requiring immediate financial support, for amounts up to $1,000, for expenses incurred prior to receiving payroll direct deposit or checks. Eligibility for this program is based on an evaluation of need by the department's fiscal administrator and visitor's sponsor/mentor. The sponsoring department provides the Global Education Office with written justification to support a foreign visitor's loan and a promissory note.

Full details on the loan application process
For the promissory note format, click here.

Postdoc listserv

The VCU Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation has established a postdoctoral listserv to communicate information of importance to all postdocs at VCU. Postdocs will be added to the listserv automatically.

Additional resources

Postdoc policy

Selected VCU policies

International postdocs