VCU Health System access and policies

VCU Health system-wide policies and procedures must be followed when clinical research is conducted involving VCU Health System facilities or services. In order to access these resources, VCU clinical research personnel must obtain VCU Health System facility and intranet access.

VCU Health intranet access

How to request VCU Health facility/intranet access
How to access VCU Health policies

How to request VCU Health facility/intranet access

In order for VCU employees to engage in clinical research involving VCU Health System, clinical research professionals must have access to the VCU Health System facilities and systems. If access has not been granted previously as part of an onboarding process, access must be requested for all persons interacting with VCU Health System patients or their protected health information. Please note that access is restricted and closely monitored due to patient confidentiality.

All requests for access to VCU Health System facilities and systems are processed by the VCU Health System Unit (CRU) as follows:

  1. Individuals apply for VCU Health System login credentials using the VCU Health System non-employee access application
  2. Requests are reviewed daily Monday through Friday
  3. The application and approval process will take between 48 and 72 hours. You will receive:
    • VCU Health System badge
    • Access to VCU Health System IT systems
    • VCU Health System email
    • Clinical permissions checkoff (if applicable)
    • VCU Health System orientation date (if applicable)

Questions about access can be directed to This mailbox is monitored by CRU nursing leadership.

How to access VCU Health System policies

All clinical research team members carrying out research involving VCU Health System must familiarize themselves with VCU Health System policies and procedures related to clinical research and abide by those policies and procedures throughout the course of the clinical study. 

  1. VCU Health System policies and procedures may be accessed via VCU Health System intranet (VCU Health System credentials are required for access). Learn how to request access.
  2. Login to the VCU Health System intranet policies and procedures
  3. Click on “Policy Manager” to review VCU Health System policies