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2 female scientistsActivities that take place following award authorization but prior to closeout are part of the “post award” phase of the sponsored project lifecycle. As performance of the project occurs, there can be many activities that require interaction between Principal Investigator/Study Staff, the sponsor and VCU’s central offices.

Other activities

Expanded authority and prior approval requests

The following typical post award activities are processed using RAMS-SPOT Administrative Actions: Carryforward; Change in Scope: Decrease (to funds); Grant Relinquishment; Involvement of New Subrecipient; No Cost Time Extension; Progress Report; Agreement Modification; Personnel-Change to Committed Effort; Personnel-Change of PI; Personnel-PI Disengagement; and Rebudgeting.

Associated document/form

Multiple - See Sponsored Programs forms.
RAMS-SPOT get started guide – administrative action

VCU policy or compliance notice Multi- See Research compliance matrix and Policies, procedures and compliance notices
Related VCU systems RAMS-SPOT
Responsible VCU unit(s) PI/ Study staff/ Division of Sponsored Programs / Grants and Contracts Accounting and Effort Reporting

VCU Sponsored Programs NIH RPPR training reference

VCU Sponsored Programs NIH Research Performance Progress Report “RPPR” training reference






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1 Government and nonprofit-sponsored proposals, administrative actions and agreements;
Team assignments by school/college can be found here

Industry-sponsored and non-federal clinical trial proposals, administrative actions and agreements

3 Material transfer agreements, data use agreements and confidentiality nondisclosure agreements

4 Award review, processing and distribution (all funding sources), subaward agreements and modifications (when VCU is PTE) and non-financial closeout