International research

Internal funding opportunities for international research

Global Education Office funding opportunities
GEO offers a number of funding opportunities to help academic departments fulfill their international goals. 

Harris-Manchester College Oxford Summer Research Institute
Funded by the VCU Global Education Office and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, the Harris-Manchester Oxford Summer Research Institute is an opportunity for faculty to spend a week away from the usual routine to focus on a scholarly area of interest. Provides travel, as well as room and board. 

External funding opportunities for international research

Selected funding opportunities from various sponsors: The funding highlighted here includes opportunities to conduct research and programming with international collaborators, at international sites or that is funded by international sponsors. This list is available to VCU Pivot account holders.


Export control: Regulations promulgated and enforced by the Department of Commerce, Export Administration Regulations, and the Department of State, International Trafficking in Arms Regulations prohibit the unlicensed export of specific technologies for reasons of national security or protection of trade. If VCU research involves such specified technologies, the EAR and/or ITAR may require the university to obtain prior approval from State or Commerce before: (1) allowing foreign nationals to participate in the research, (2) partnering with a foreign company, or (3) sharing research — verbally or in writing — with persons who are not U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Subjects protection: For human subjects, , provide guidance to investigators conducting research in foreign countries.

Foreign travel: The Office of Procurement provides information on insurance and risk management. 

Conflict of interest: Whether real or only perceived, all identified conflicts of interest must be addressed.


Global Education Office: GEO helps bring the world to VCU while promoting the university's internationalization.

National Scholarship Office: NSO supports VCU students and alumni who are interested in applying for prestigious national and international scholarships, such as the Fulbright Program.