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Application for University-Level Research Institute or Center

Research-related Institutes and Centers (RICs) are an important part of VCU’s overall research mission. Before applying for the creation or renewal of a RIC, please read the policy governing RICs. The critical components include:

  • RICs can be either unit-level or university-level. Unit-level RICs report to the chief administrator of the unit, typically a dean. University-level RICs report to the VPRI and are supported in part by OVPRI staff and funding. This application is only for university-level RICs.
  • University-level RICs must:

FY2024 VCU RIC request for applications (due March 18, 2024)
Research-related institutes and centers policy
RIC administrative action form


Virginia Commonwealth University’s institutes and centers work across disciplines and research to create new knowledge. Representing some of the most cutting-edge investigations taking place in the world today, the VCU’s ICs conduct unique investigative collaborations to add value to the university in terms of intellectual power, resources and collaborative potential, extramural funding and resource development.

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