Cohort and Registry Administration Core

Our mission is to serve as a central resource to help scientists discover how utilizing research registries at VCU can advance their scientific achievements, in conjunction with providing excellent support services to see projects through from nascent stage to data analysis.

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The VCU CARA Core is led by Director Dr. Bernard Fuemmeler and Associate Director Dr. Elizabeth Prom-Wormley. CARA Core is home to unique registries that are some of the largest of their kind, the Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry and Spit for Science: the VCU Student Survey. Each registry hosts a variety of resources to meet the needs of investigators and connect them with our community of collaborators. Our team provides excellent research services to advance population health and facilitate the utilization of our registries. CARA Core has the expertise to support a wide array of projects from the nascent stage through data analysis, and every step in between. Additionally, we have a number of datasets available for access by qualified investigators for research or educational purposes.

The CARA core furthers the initiatives of the One VCU Research Strategic Priorities Plan by:

  1. Optimizing Health through serving as a central resource for scientists to utilize existing cohorts and registries and supporting the growth of new ones to further scientific understanding of health and wellness for all.
  2. Fostering a Culture of Collaboration in the research ecosystem through open data sharing, facilitating research interest working groups and forming new connections across disciplines here at VCU and beyond. 

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Published work using data generated by the VCU Cohort and Registry Administration Core should include the following in the acknowledgement as well as the requirements set forth by the specific registry utilized: 

The project/publication was facilitated by a registry housed at the Cohort and Registry Administration (CARA) Core of Virginia Commonwealth University.