Our team

The HPRC staff is here to help with your HPC research, teaching and outreach computing needs. We directly support a variety of software and systems. We offer regular classroom training sessions (Linux bootcamps) to make new(er) users aware of techniques and tools and increase their productivity. We also provide lectures for other departments which wish to include fundamental Linux knowledge and hands-on experience in their curricula.

Phone: (804) 828-3885

Physical location:
High Performance Research Computing
1015 Floyd Ave.
Harris Hall 3rd Floor 
Richmond, VA 23284

Shipping location:
Life Sciences Supply Center
1000 W. Cary St. 
Room 128B
Richmond, VA 23284

Alberto Cano, Ph.D.
Alberto Cano, Ph.D.Faculty director
Mike Davis
Mike DavisTechnical director
Carlisle Childress
Carlisle ChildressOperating systems, security, hardware, storage
Brad Freeman
Brad FreemanOperating systems, hardware, accounts
John Layne, M.S.
John Layne, M.S.Programming, parallelism, system utilities
Romano Woodfolk