Lines of code on computer screenServices

The mission of the HPRC is to provide high performance computing services for the VCU research community. The HPRC is located on the third floor of Harris Hall on the Monroe Park Campus.

Consultation services

  • Research project collaboration
  • Grant proposal computing support
  • Assistance troubleshooting your code on the HPRC servers
  • Optimization of code on the HPRC servers
  • Preparing scripts to automate or expedite tasks
  • Advising on the integration of existing software tools
  • Data storage and maintenance
  • Data security and compliance for grants

Computing services

  • Parallel computing
    • Openmpi
    • Intel MPI
    • SMP threaded applications
  • GPU computing
    • CUDA
    • Pytorch
    • Machine learning
  • High-performance large-scale storage, GPFS/Lustre
  • Statistical support, R/Matlab
  • Languages, Python/JAVA/GCC 7,8,9,10,11/C/C++/Fortran/Intel 2021 Compilers
  • BLAS/Intel 2021 Matlibs
  • Support for DNA, RNA and proteomics pipelines
  • Conda/PIP Python environmental managers
  • Support for computational fluid dynamics
  • Molecular dynamics (NAMD, LAMMPS, etc)
  • Support for compliant data 
  • Quantum chemistry (Gaussian 16)
  • Singularity container support
  • Artificial Intelligence for text/code generation, image generation and speech recognition