VCUHS Policies

When clinical research subjects are seen in VCU Health System (VCUHS) facilities, VCU faculty and staff are required to observe VCUHS policies and procedures. The policies below specifically address clinical research activities.

Environmental Control

Trash and Biological Medical Waste Disposal (EC.FM.007) – 8-18-2016


Charge Master Initiation & Authorization of Changes (FN.AD.002) - 03-4-2015

Charges for Health System Services and Supplies (FN.PT.001) - 03-04-2015

Infection Control

Hand Hygiene Policy (IC.CL.002) - 5-1-2017

Information Security

Computer and Data Security (HS.IM.PO.1501) - 7-23-2013

Access to VCUHS Computing Systems and Electronic Medical Records (HS.IM.PO.1503) - 7-23-2013

End-User Computing (HS.IM.PO.1506) - 7-23-2013

Medical Records

Documentation – Entries in the Medical Record (MR.RC.001) - 5-14-2014

Protected Health Information, Team Member Access v2.1 (MR.PH.001) - 10-12-2017

Protected Health Information: Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards (MR.PH.007) - 10-18-2016

Protected Health Information: De-Identification of Protected Health Information (MR.PH.004) - 10-18-2016

Protected Health Information: Minimum Necessary Uses and Disclosures (MR.PH.006) - 6-25-2018

Protected Health Information Release v2.1 (MR.PH.002) - 10-12-2017

Protected Health Information: Uses and Disclosures for Research (COMP-014) - 10-18-2016

Patient Care

Adverse Drug Reactions (PC.PS.009) - 1-9-2017

Research in Patient Care Areas (PC.CP.004) – 8-17-2015


Specimen Collection, Labeling, and Handling (PA.PT.001) – 7-21-2016

Tissue Tracking, Storage, and Documentation (PA.AD.002) – 10-19-2016


Competency and Training (HR.PF.002) - 4-27-2015


Handling of Hazardous Medications (PH.MS.007) - 04-02-2018

Investigational Drugs (PH.SP.005) - 6-25-2015

Medication Storage and Security (PH.MS.001) - 07-16-2018

Patient’s Investigational Drugs from Home (PH.PT.0021) - 8-2-2012

Patient’s Non-Formulary Medications from Home (PH.PT.002) - 10-10-2012