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Export Control Laws and Trade Sanctions

The Export Compliance Office provides institution wide export compliance support for VCU. The University has an official policy, Export Compliance and Research Security that recognizes the need for export compliance at VCU and establishes basic guidelines for compliance at VCU. This webpage provides additional guidance and contains general information on export regulations. This webpage provides additional guidance and contains general information on export regulations. This page also contains information on VCU’s established compliance and risk mitigation procedures established by the Export Compliance Office (ECO).

VCU complies with all export control laws and regulations, and does not participate in foreign corrupt practices.

Do Export Control Laws Apply to Me?

This page will introduce you to some of the basics of the export regulations and provide some self-assessment tools

International Shipping

This page contains basic information on international shipping and reminds you to contact the appropriate office before sending anything abroad

Agreements with Foreign Governments or Persons

This page contains information on the appropriate process for obtaining approval for international agreements

Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC)

This page contains information on VCU's DURC reporting and risk mitigation procedures

International Travel

This page details the procedures for obtaining travel approval and lets you know what you can take and what you can do when traveling abroad

Hosting International Visitors on Campus

This page details the procedures you need to follow to host an international visitor on campus or in your laboratory


RAMS ECO is a supplemental system to Chrome River and Christopherson. It will import relevant travel information you have entered into those systems and will automatically notify you by email if you need to log into RAMS ECO and complete any additional questions.

In addition, individuals requesting visa reviews can use RAMS ECO at any time to request an Export Compliance Review. Once you receive confirmation that the review is complete, you should include that information with your normal documentation to VCU’s Global Education Office.

Please see the tutorial for instructions on how to fill out the form. The tutorial can be found at this link. If you have any questions or need help please contact the Export Compliance Manager at


Quinton Johnson

Director, Export Compliance Office