Postdoctoral Salary Guidelines

Starting salaries/stipends for all postdoctoral scholars, regardless of their source of funding, are expected to meet the minimum standards established by the Fair Labor Standards Act for exempt employees, relevant regulatory bodies, the Office of Postdoctoral Services or sponsor requirements, whichever is higher. A department/school may establish a higher minimum salary/stipend level for postdoctoral scholars paid within that school. Each department/school should establish compensation levels based on experience and the usual standards for payment of postdoctoral scholars/trainees in the relevant discipline.

To be compliant with the new FLSA rules, the minimum postdoctoral salary/stipend will be $47,476 unless stipulated below:

Information about the FLSA final rule can be found here.

School of Medicine: all new postdoctoral hires must meet the minimum Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA stipend level. Beginning with awards made on or after October 1, 2017, the NRSA minimum stipend level is $48,432. SOM requires that all proposal submissions include the new minimum stipend of $48,432 for postdoctoral scholars. Information on the NIH NRSA Trainee 2018 stipend levels can be accessed here.