ONE VCU Clinical Research Initiative

A message from:
Marsha D. Rappley, MD, VCU Vice President for Health Sciences and VCU Health System Chief Executive Officer and
P. Srirama Rao, PhD, Vice President for Research and Innovation

ONE VCU Clinical Research Initiative

The ONE VCU Clinical Research Initiative, identified as a key Presidential priority, is a collaboration between VCU and VCU Health for the purpose of promoting and leveraging the value that clinical research adds to the delivery of enhanced healthcare and quality of life.

The goal of this initiative begins with shared clinical research program oversight leading to transformative change of the process and procedures through which the university and the health system engage in clinical research.

Working together seamlessly across VCU and VCU Health, Lisa Ballance, VCU Director of Clinical Research and Compliance, and Mary Harmon, VCU Health Director of Clinical Research, have drafted a blueprint of future clinical research operations and strategic initiatives including a pan-institutional organizational architecture, shared regulatory and operations policies, program improvement priorities, and a full set of operational metrics.

Targets Identified

  • Initiate institutional deployment of the plan to include the requisite use of the institutional Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for all clinical trial management; optimize integration of the CTMS and EHR to improve program operations and enhance patient safety; and establish a program operations dashboard.
  • Monitor, analyze, and act on dashboard metrics to optimize clinical research program quality, efficiency, compliance, and growth strategies. Identify enrollment and time to activation as critical metrics.
  • Facilitate collaborative research efforts through assistance to funded investigators, generating opportunities for other disciplines to join teams and develop branching research projects.
  • Design and launch a clinical research curriculum which improves community engagement, supports professional development, and establishes VCU as a center of excellence in training clinical research professionals.
  • Brand and market clinical research operations stressing the value added to healthcare through innovative research, continuing education, and cutting-edge treatments.

For additional information, please contact:

Lisa Ballance, MA, CCP, CPW, VCU Director of Clinical Research and Compliance (
Mary Harmon, PHD, VCU Health Director of Clinical Research (


ONE VCU Clinical Research Progress along the Activation Pathway