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Data Science


Committed to supporting rigorous, transparent and reproducible research at VCU through the promotion and development of practices and tools that facilitate modern data science.


Data Science is both the science and the art of working with data, encompassing every step that exists between asking a question and answering it. Regardless of your field, the process of extracting information from data entails a common set of challenges including:

  1. storage, retrieval and tracking of data
  2. cleaning and reformatting raw data into a format suitable for exploration and analysis
  3. executing transformations and manipulations
  4. producing meaningful analyses and illuminating visualizations

Formal training in many of these tasks is rare, leading to a propagation of suboptimal solutions that can impede the scientific process. Whether you're an avid analyst or someone who occasionally uses Excel to make bar graphs, investing time in developing basic data science skills and adopting modern data analysis workflows will improve the efficiency of analyses, produce easily verifiable results and facilitate collaboration.


Resources and tools we recommend.

Training Opportunities

We offer courses and workshops to learn about practical techniques and tools for improving skills in scientific computing.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018
What`s Next with the Open Science Framework? Efficient Research Workflows and Collaborations.
Ian Sullivan from the Center for Open Science will extend your knowledge of the OSF by examining case studies and designing appropriate open workflows to manage increasingly complex collaborations in a fashion that will help ensure your work remains relevant in the years ahead. The workshop will be hands-on and is aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and faculty across disciplines.

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